Example Projects


Solid React app with nice abstractions and separation of concerns. Demonstrates Redux usage, HOC, AJAX, Sass, and other fundamentals.

Vanilla JS

Demonstrates generating a beehive, event handling, DOM manipulation, and semi-complex logic with pure JS. No bells or whistles.

Atom Editor Plugin

Plugin written for the Atom editor with around 40,000 downloads. Searches files and builds a tree showing TODO comments in the code.

Plugin Architecture

Demonstration of a plugin system design. Allows runtime to change and adapt to active plugins.

Git Helper

Node app that spawns another process to make dummy Git commits for you. Demonstrates string manipulation, randomization, process management, and filesystem manipulation.


This is a project that has all the bells and whistles: React, Redux, client-side routing, super fast server-side rendering with templates, email generation, magic links, etc. This is the dev site on a free dyno, so it may take a second to start the first time.

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