When working on Pachyderm pipeline specs, you can test the results picked up by different globs (I refuse to say datums - data is the plural of datum!).

If you’re unsure about which glob to use when specifying a pipeline, you can test drive them.

$ pachctl glob file "events@master:/*/*"

NAME                        TYPE SIZE
/dira/foo.parquet           file 51.32KiB
/dira/bar.parquet           file 16.95KiB
/dira/baz.parquet           file 25.52KiB

This is a nifty little helper that I am happy to discover.

pachctl glob help

Print a list of Pachyderm resources matching a glob pattern.

  pachctl glob [command]

Available Commands:
  file        Return files that match a glob pattern in a commit.

Here are the online docs for it.