How can you use muliple pachyderm versions on the same machine?

To clarify, we’re not talking about pachd, just the client, pachctl. This is written for local dev on a mac with docker.

If you’re using brew, multiple version can be installed, but only one is linked at a time.

Which versions do you have?

brew list --versions | grep pachctl
  pachctl@1.12 v1.12.5
  pachctl@2.1 v2.1.4

Which pachctl are you using?

ls -l (dirname (which pachctl)) | grep pach
  pachctl -> ../Cellar/pachctl@2.1/v2.1.4/bin/pachctl

How do you switch to the other version?

brew link --overwrite pachctl@1.12

This will leave your previous setup all janky. You’ll probably get errors like

8270 portforward.go:400] an error occurred forwarding 65052 -> 650: error
forwarding port 650 to pod
e4d7bbe0f6caefd139941d7ca037d50703f3df32d70e66ee35f04af2776837df, uid : exit
status 1: 2022/05/11 13:05:49 socat[81064] E connect(16, AF=2,
16): Connection refused

The client has changed, but it’s tripping on the setup configured with the previous client. To clean that up

  1. Reset Kubernetes Cluste in Docker Dashboard
  2. Deploy local again.

pachctl v1: pachctl deploy local pachctl v2: helm install pachd pach/pachyderm --set deployTarget=LOCAL